Playing the drums is pure action and loads of fun – especially when you’re playing in a band. You give the count, and off you go, your songs take off like a rocket.On the drums, coordination is everything. Luckily, though, you can practice coordination step by step. Your teacher will show you how to effortlessly play your favorite music from the get-go. Rock, metal, or punk. Or perhaps funk, soul, and jazz? It doesn’t matter. After all, the drums can handle any style. We’ll show you how it’s done.

DJ / Production

Do you love Hip-Hop or electronic music and would love to know how to DJ?
In our DJ program you will learn all fundamentals about DJing. Whether you are a beginner or just want to improve your DJ skills, this is the program for you! You will learn about scratching, sampling, beat matching and how to use DJ mixers and turntables. You will also work with DJ and music software like Serato, Ableton and Logic.


This is the instrument for all those who want to musically blow off steam. Now you’ll have to pick – electric or acoustic? The electric guitar is the embodiment of rock music. All the way from punk to metal, no instrument has more influence on the overall sound than the electric guitar. However, other styles (such as blues, soul, and jazz) can benefit from it, too.




Anyone who knows the basics on their instrument can, essentially start playing in a band – ideally with an experienced teacher who can offer guidance. Our Band Program is the place to learn this. In this class, you practice songs with other musicians on a weekly basis, rehearsing them until you can take them to the stage. Once you hit that point, we will set you up with great gigs – your fans are already waiting!


Looking for something special? Then the electric bass might well be your instrument. Since it’s the deepest instrument in the band, many people fail to appreciate how important it is. Interested? While the electric bass is larger and heavier than the guitar, it is not at all harder to learn. Your bass instructor will make sure of that. Groove and timing will be the most important tools in your kit – you will be surprised how important you become all of a sudden. After all, a bass player holds the band together. You are the band’s secret leader, the one who doesn’t need to stand in the limelight.



Black and white is creative, especially when speaking of keys. Playing the piano or keyboard means to be able to create any song in the world by using ten fingers; the number of songs borders infinity. The piano and keyboard house melodies, chords and rhythms. All at the same time, if you like. Whether you want to play the piano or a keyboard it's your choice. The basics are the same in either case. And, if you don’t want to choose, just go ahead and learn both! With your keyboard instructor at your side, you can enjoy learning from the start andwrap your head around how the keys work.



In a choir, in the shower, at parties with your friends, at the karaoke bar, or live, while on stage. How and where doesn’t matter – whenever you sing, you conjure up great emotions. Most particularly within yourself. And, if you want, in your audience, too. How convenient, then, that any song or style you might possibly want to sing can be taught with appropriate exercises and songs. Your vocal teacher will show you these exercises and songs, all the while sticking to the simplest rule of all: Singing means feeling good. After all, whatever feels good also sounds good. As long as you keep that in mind, singing will come as naturally to you as speaking.The most important thing is that you have fun when you sing. – we’ll show you the rest.

Early Childhood Music

This program is for our very young students. All children in our early childhood music program are between 3 (or almost 3) and 5 years old. Our classes provide an introduction to playing music where students learn the musical alphabet, how to count in time, and play different tempos with varying dynamics. In our program we offer a structured learning environment that allows students to creatively explore a variety of instruments. Developmentally, our program supports social-emotional development by fostering cooperation and collaboration, supports fine and gross motor development by playing a variety of musical instruments, and integrates mindfulness by encouraging students to pay attention to their breath while noticing how their bodies move in time to music.