Sibling Rivalry is made of three siblings: Natalie, John, and Kayla, and two non-siblings James and Annelise. Natalie plays keys and sings, John sings, Kayla plays drums and sings, James plays guitar, and Annelise plays bass and sings. Natalie, John, and Kayla have been in the band for 6 years!!! James joined a year ago, and Annie is the newest member. They have played a plethora of songs in different styles. They have played numerous MMS concerts, and are looking forward to playing Natalie’s amazing 18th birthday party at the Marriott! They hope to one day sell Bret’s left shoe, and love playing in the key of A. They are all consummate musicians, and have great positive attitudes.

Age range: 12-18

Looking for band members: rhythm guitarist