How does freezing work?

You can freeze your lessons for up to three months without giving an advanced notice. Freezing notice needs to be submitted before requested freezing period starts.

In order to freeze your lessons, a return date is required. If the requested freezing period is longer than 3 months, we recommend to cancel the lessons instead and re-register once you are ready to start again. If you would like to cancel instead, please email us at

Freezing period should always be for either one, two or three entire month(s) and should start at the beginning of a month (1st of the month). However, it is also possible to start a freezing period from the middle of a month until the middle of the following month. For example: July 12th – August 12th or July 20th – September 20th.

In order to freeze lessons, the freezing period needs to be at least for 4 lessons (one month). If it is less than that, you can schedule make-up lessons for any lessons you might miss using our online booking system for make-up lessons at or you can contact us at so we can find a more convenient day/time for you.