I don’t like group lessons. Can I schedule a private make-up class?

Yes it is still possible to have a private make-up class.
Our group classes are maxed at 5 students per class. If only 1 or 2 students sign up for the class, we will divide the lesson time into 1 or 2 private lessons instead. That being said, a group class only takes place if 3 or more students sign up for the class. When signing up for our group make-up lessons, you are able to see how many students have enrolled in each class so far (if it doesn’t show a specific sign up number, it means no one has signed up for that particular class yet).
If you really want a private lesson, we recommend to sign up for classes with low sign ups (0 or 1 sign up) and very close to the make-up lesson date. We understand that private lessons are often preferred and on a regular basis private lessons are a good choice.
However, having group classes once in a while is very beneficial for the learning process. It is crucial for students to meet other students in their same age, who are also learning music. Music is meant to be played together and in group classes, the students actually get to experience how it feels like playing together. It’s just like a team sport. If you play baseball, you might have private lessons to improve specific skills, but you are also always with your team and playing together. That’s the only way to really learn the sport (and in our case it’s music). Coming to music lessons is about learning, but also about enjoying it and it is oftentimes more fun playing music with other students and making friends. We designed specific lesson plans for the group classes that work plus the group classes are small, which allows the teacher to work with each student one-on-one. That is why we believe the opportunity of taking your make-up lessons in a group is fantastic and will actually help the learning process instead of slowing it down.

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